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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
3:03 pm - Television
How often do I talk to people who tell me, "Oh, I never watch television. Maybe PBS and the Discovery Channel, but only every once in awhile."

Well, it happened again today. So what do I do? I used to say, "Me neither. Complete and utter waste of time." Not anymore. Now I say something like this:

"Really. Never watch any TV? That's too bad. You're missing out on some amazing television shows, many of which are better than the vast majority of movies coming out now. Great acting and characterization, phenomenal writing and intricate plots that make the viewers think. Why, just last night I watched a show about a brilliant, misanthropic doctor with lots of personal demons, who somehow is still endearing. It didn't end on a pat happy ending either, but it was very realistic. Tonight I can't wait to watch a cast of fourteen interesting characters stuck on a mysterious island. It's a great thriller, and I can't get enough of it. On Friday I'm looking forward to watching a crime drama which also has a great focus on a relationship between two brothers who are slowly learning to really know each other. On Sundays I laugh my head off watching probably the most dysfunctional family I've ever seen, and every Monday I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how one man will save the world yet again, in just one day...Those are just some of the great shows out there right now. I wish I had time to watch them all. Too bad for you that you're missing out."

Ugh. Television snobs. Can't stand them.

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
7:42 am - Thoughts on Numb3rs
Could Charlie have been more adorable in that first scene at the poker table? Never considered how a genius mathematician would have an advantage over the rest of us poor mortals playing poker but after watching Celebrity Poker Showdown about a week ago it makes perfect sense. Loved all the percentages coming out of him as he scooped up his winnings. He does that kind of stuff without thinking, doesn't he?

This episode focused on Don again, similar to Counterfeit Reality, and it was nice to see him fleshed out more. He is as devoted to his job as Charlie is to his math, and that really came out in the scene with the husband, as they talked about how the first victim's husband was a real suspect. Didn't he say he was handcuffed to a chair for 48 hours? And putting the wrong man in jail...what a horrible feeling. Sometimes law enforcement's vehemence for finding a guilty party blinds them to other possibilities, and that's a good subject to explore.

I love Charlie's confidence in the realm of academia/mathematics. Illustrating to Terry why lineups are inherently flawed, irritating the fingerprint lady by pointing out (rightly) that fingerprints aren't necessarily 100% accurate, and of course the poker game. He doesn't do as well in the realm of the human though, I hope they explore that more with his character.

Love this show.

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
6:59 am - Interview
Almost forgot! I had my interview yesterday. Unfortunately, I think I...underwhelmed them. I underwhelmed myself, that's for sure. I did okay, but if I was them? I'd hire the other person. She's fantastic. That's not denigrating myself, it's just that she has more experience and more of a vision for the program than I do.

I'll be extraordinarily surprised if I get the job. What I am going to do is take some graduate classes in the area of gifted/talented education, because the other candidate (K.W.)is quite a bit older than me, and will definitely be retiring before I will, if things go as I expect. So I'm going to be better prepared next time. Yep.

In the meantime, I have some more time to concentrate on being the best third grade teacher I can, and I can continue to work with my best friend. (I would have hated to leave her.) So things could be worse.

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6:15 am - Thoughts on House
How much did I love it that the girl's mother last night wasn't the stereotypical fat girl's mother. You know, the one pushing the diet pills and generally being the "obsessed with looks and overly critical of her daughter" mother we see so often on tv. This woman was just wonderful and I loved her throughout the entire episode.

They really created a lot of tension through the entire episode as well. I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to diagnose that child in time to save her from the radical mastectomy or not. Yes, there was the happy ending that might not have happened in real life, but I don't like the alternative. Ending the episode with a ten-year-old child without any boobs? Ugh.

Chase is a slimeball. I was sort of hoping it wasn't him, but he was written as such a jerk all the way through last night that I don't see any other out for him. I won't mind if he gets fired at all. Has he always been such a jerk? I only started watching a few weeks ago. The way he acted toward that child was nothing less than appalling. Foreman, however, was absolutely wonderful. Kind, caring, professional. I want him as my doctor and House in the background, making the tough diagnosis.

And Vogler. I know he's going to go, but I don't know how. Can't wait either. Can't wait to see how House outsmarts him. And he will. He's House. He knew that Chase was the one stabbing him in the back. He knows what Vogler's trying to do, he just hasn't worked out how to get around him yet.

I'm going to watch my tape again to find some House-isms I loved. There were quite a few times when I snickered out loud. My two older boys who were watching the show with me caught some of the jokes as well.

Love this show! Time to put a House icon up for awhile.

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
6:58 pm - Fans and fandom
I got my report cards finished, so now I can indulge myself a little. I'm going to step on a soapbox because I've wanted to write down my thoughts on Stargate and the fandom I find myself on the periphery of. This is just my opinion, of course, but I've really wanted to get it written down, and this seems a good a place as any to do it.

First of all, I love Stargate SG1. I discovered it when Farscape ended, and I didn't think anything could ever take the place of my beloved John, Aeryn, Chiana, D'Argo, etc., and I was a bit angry at Stargate in the first place because Farscape was cancelled and Stargate wasn't. But I gave it a chance, and while it didn't completely take the place of my first love, I came to appreciate Stargate in it's own way.

I came to Stargate late. I always tend to be on the outside of fandom anyway, being as I'm a titch (ahem) older than many fen, especially on lj. Also, my kids have to be priority number one so the only time I can devote to it is piecemeal. So I'm an outsider, which is fine with me.

Getting involved with Stargate as late as I did, I've been able to sit back and do a some observation. As I watched the earlier episodes, I quickly identified Daniel as a particular favorite. There was just something about his combination of innocence, vulnerability, intelligence and courage that tugged at my heartstrings. It wasn't long until I heard the whole story of Michael Shanks' departure and quickly discovered the animosity that still lingers in some places (unfortunately) due to that whole mess. I was quite shocked at first that anyone could *not* love Daniel. (Silly me.) Add to that the whole S/J shipper thing, and it can be a touchy fandom to be a part of.

(As a side note, being a huge Scaper and a big Daniel fan, the prospect of Ben Browder and Michael Shanks on the same show next year has me absolutely salivating. Bring on Season 9!)

What boggles my mind, after lurking at a variety of different forums, some pro S/J ship, some anti, some pro-Daniel, some indifferent to him and some places not liking Daniel at all, is that a lot of people in these groups, whose views are quite often polar opposites of each other, feel like they're being screwed. I can't help thinking that if one group with completely opposite views feels like the producers are sticking it to them, the other group ought to be ecstatic. However, this is not the case.

I know, I know. Everyone is an individual, and every person, no matter under which fannish umbrella they fall, wants different things from the show. I guess I'm just puzzled by the sense of entitlement I see. *We've waited XX long years for our resolution!* *TPTB are screwing us again!*, I've read in more than one place. I really don't think they are, I think they're just telling the story they want to tell, and some viewers will like it and some won't.

I saw this with Buffy fandom as well, this sense that we as fans are entitled to the outcome we are hoping for. I really don't think we have that right. We have the right to be angry, disappointed, apathetic, elated, etc. We have the right to turn off the TV or change the channel. However, we don't have the right to demand storylines go the way we like and be indignant when it doesn't turn out the way we'd hoped. It isn't our show.

I've been guilty of this myself a time or two, and whenever I catch myself doing this I give myself a figurative kick in the pants to get my perspective back.

Maybe it happens when shows go on for a long time? Not sure, as Buffy and Stargate are the only fandoms I've been involved in where the shows have been extremely long-running, other than a few shows that I became a part of the fandom long after they were cancelled.

Oh well. I fervently hope that the showrunners of all the shows I currently watch (24, House, Lost, and Numb3rs at present) stick to whatever their vision for the show is and don't try to please the fans too much, even when it comes to my particular favorites. (Charlie/Claire, anyone?) ;-)

Eh, this is one fan babbling away about nothing all that important, but it feels good to get it out, in my own journal. I absolutely love fandom with all it's idiosyncracies and it will never change. That's more of a good thing than a bad thing, IMO, but for me personally, it pays to sit back and watch the goings-on with a sense of bemusement and detachment every once in awhile. It helps keep me in balance.

And now, even though the papers are graded, all the lessons aren't ready, so back to work. :)

current mood: thoughtful

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Saturday, March 26th, 2005
8:49 pm - First entry
It's pretty exciting to enter the world of livejournal after lurking for the past year. I don't have anything profound to say, other than I'm hoping to make some friends while I do it. I also hope I don't breach any livejournal ettiquette rules that are at present unknown to me. I'm really curious to how this will all work out.

I can see this is going to be a huge time waster...er...time filler. Yeah, that's it time filler. For example, right now I should be typing up comments for report cards that are due to my principal on Monday morning, not typing in my new lj. Ah well.

Pretty excited for the upcoming week. First off, for entertainment, I finally rented This is Spinal Tap, which I'm embarrassed to admit I've never seen. Haven't watched it yet. There's also some great television this week. All new episodes of Arrested Development, 24, House, Lost, and Numb3rs, and I'm proud to say I'm unspoiled for every one. Go me!

Of course I also have a meeting with the bank over finances on Monday, and a big interview for a new job on Tuesday (please cross your fingers for me anyone who reads this!), so I have a lot of Real LIfe stuff to contend with as well. More exciting than any movie or television show, and scarier too.

At least Spring Break starts Thursday at 3:30 Thank goodness.

current mood: pensive

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