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9 April 1974
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I've been resisting this livejournal thing forever, but I can't hold out anymore. It looks like too much fun, and I hate missing out on all the fun.

About me? My name is Joni, I'm a Mom of three boys, a third grade teacher, and more than a little caught up in the silly but fascinating world of fandom. My current interests (they tend to change every year or so) are Stargate SG1, Numb3rs, House, and Lost. Previously it's been Buffy, Angel, Farscape and The Professionals and who knows what it'll be a year or two from now.

I'm at a loss at how to manipulate images or make this lj look really nice, but I'm hoping that will come in time. If anyone does actually read this, and you notice any breaches of livejournal ettiquette, please know that it is done out of ignorance. And please let me know what I've done so I can fix it! :)

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